Forensic Tachograph Analysis
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Alison Morgan
Alison Morgan

After completing her Bachelor of Science honours degree in Zoology with Physiology in 2000, Alison began her scientific career in biological research. She joined the Forensic Science Service's London laboratory in 2001 as a DNA Analyst, extracting and processing crime scene DNA for interpretation. She then went on to become a Questioned Document Examiner and was involved in the investigation of many serious, organised crimes where documents were an integral part. She delivered demonstrations to various Police services, Military personnel, UK and overseas visitors during this time, whilst developing her management skills, coordinating the casework within the department.

Alison joined the Accident Investigation Group in January 2009 and specialised in the analysis and interpretation of tachograph recordings. She has examined countless tachograph charts and digital data as a fully competent Reporting Officer, compiling detailed statements and giving expert evidence in court, when required.

With over 11 years' experience, Alison has developed a wealth of knowledge in the field of forensic science and has continued increasing her expertise with the formation of TM Forensics Ltd, as a Director and Forensic Practitioner.

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