Forensic Tachograph Analysis
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Michael Trott
Michael Trott

With a degree in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Sheffield University, Michael Trott joined the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory (MPFSL) in 1978 and built up expertise in a variety of fields, primarily associated with the investigation of road traffic collisions. Qualified to report on component failures, light bulb examination and tyres he expanded his area of expertise to include tachograph analysis and other aspects of collision investigation by the mid 80's.

In 1986 he was the first person to give tachograph evidence in Hong Kong, as part of a fatal collision involving a bus. In 1991 he carried out the first tachograph route trace for Custom House involving drug smuggling.

Between 1994 and 1997 he took a career break accompanying his wife on an overseas diplomatic posting, during which time the MPFSL merged with the Forensic Science Service (FSS). On his return to the FSS the demand for tachograph route tracing by various law enforcement agencies had grown and he then focused primarily on that work and tachograph collision investigation.

He has built up considerable experience in route tracing vehicles across Europe and, in 2004, became the Lead Reporting Officer for the FSS Accident Investigation Group. Over the years he has reported on hundreds of such cases and frequently gives evidence in Crown Courts across the UK and Northern Ireland.

The clarity of his evidence has been praised by Counsel and Judges on numerous occasions.

Michael has trained scientists from overseas forensic science laboratories in tachograph analysis and, since 1997, has trained/mentored all of the other FSS Reporting Officers in London in the field of tachograph route tracing/collision investigation.

In 1999 he authored a best practice guide for tachograph route trace submissions by Customs & Excise Investigators. With the introduction of Digital Tachographs this was updated in 2010.

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