Forensic Tachograph Analysis
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Expert Witness (Court Room)

TM Forensics Ltd has been involved in a large number of criminal cases, where it has been necessary to give evidence at court. We are experienced Expert Witnesses in our field and always aim to:

  • Give evidence fairly, impartially and to the best of our knowledge
  • Describe events clearly, using terms easily understood by the lay-man
  • Be prepared to consider other alternatives

Our statements comply with the Crown Prosecution Service's regulations and any contemporaneous notes are available to be viewed if necessary. The album of images produced, in conjunction with any statement or report, is aimed at a level which is easily understood by a jury. Occasionally it may be necessary to hold a case conference to discuss ways in which the evidence should be handled. We are experienced in discussing proposed examinations, explaining our findings to date and planning further actions, with all involved.

" Tachograph evidence has historically been used at all types of court from Coroners to High Court. "