Forensic Tachograph Analysis
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I have been involved in several criminal cases that have required the forensic expertise of both Alison Morgan and Michael Trott, initially as employees of the Forensic Science Service and more recently as TM Forensics Ltd.

I have served statements, charts and maps produced by both Alison and Michael in a number of criminal cases and have always found the evidence they have submitted to be accurate, concise, reliable and most importantly easily understood by the layman.

Alison Morgan and Michael Trott are extremely experienced in presenting their findings in person, both to case teams and to juries at trial. I have been present when both have given evidence and have found that they both have the ability to make technical details easily understandable and interesting to a jury. At a recent trial, working under their current company of TM Forensics Ltd, Alison's presentation of her evidence was praised by both the prosecution and defence counsel as a model of clarity and accuracy.

I have found Alison and Michael to be pleasant, professional and extremely helpful in all my dealings with them.

I am aware that the work of Alison and Michael is held in very high regard among my colleagues and members of the legal profession that I have been in contact with and has proved crucially important in the successful conclusion of a large number of criminal prosecutions.

Investigator, Border Agency

I have known Mr. Trott for many years, in a professional capacity and cannot speak too highly of his ability. I have called him on countless occasions when prosecuting drugs importation cases for H.M. Revenue and Customs and have cross-examined him in a few cases when defending. Regardless of the side on which I have been appearing, it has been his sheer professionalism and fairness that have been his hallmarks.

Unfailingly, he has been approachable, accurate and fair. His analysis in any given case, has been a model of clarity in a difficult area and his ability to explain the meaning of tachograph charts in a way that can be understood by a jury, is second to none.

When prosecuting, I have always been relieved to see he has prepared the report although when defending, I have been aware his conclusions will be difficult to challenge! Having said that, I know that if he has reached a particular conclusion, I can tell a defendant, with confidence, that the result is accurate, because Mr. Trott, fairly, will always highlight any potential doubt. On the only occasion I caused one of his reports to be considered by another expert, the second report confirmed the complete accuracy of Mr. Trott's report.

He understands fully his important role as an expert, namely that his duty is to the court rather than to the party calling him. I know he is held in high regard by a number of the judges in front of whom he has been called and his integrity is unquestioned. I have no reservations in recommending him as the pre-eminent expert in his field.

Ian Foinette, Barrister-at-Law

I first came across Michael Trott's work in 1998. During the intervening years he has provided tachograph route traces in many cases investigated by my team.

Of the 4 or 5 tachograph experts, formerly employed by FSS, who have carried out work for my team, Michael Trott has always seemed the most knowledgeable and professionally competent. He has always provided sound technical advice on all areas relating to tachograph matters. In recent cases he has provided advice and guidance with regard to route tracing using both mobile phone cell site data and speed camera data, and presented this in an evidential format.

The evidence presented by Michael, in cases I have dealt with, has been to the highest standard; his work always explains and demonstrates the evidence in a clear logical fashion. He is capable of communicating his needs, ideas and thoughts in a way which automatically elicits the co-operation of those with whom he is working.

It is however, in the presentation of his evidence to the jury in court that Michael excels. I have seen him give evidence on many occasions and he is able to make what can be a very dry, difficult to understand subject, interesting and dynamic.

In cross examination he is capable of listening to and if appropriate dismissing suggestions regarding alternative routes without the slightest hesitation, explaining fully and logically his reasons for doing so.

I and the other members of my team consider Michael to be the best of the tachograph experts with whom we have worked. He is a pleasure to work alongside.

Higher Investigation Officer

We found Mr Trott explained complex matters in laymen's terms in a case conference and he conveyed to the jury a dry topic in an interesting and readily understandable fashion, without compromising on the detail. Mr Trott was also able to use and apply cell site evidence to affirm the route he said had been taken by the haulier.

We were impressed by his ability to explain the evidence in simple terms and we would definitely recommend Mr Trott in the future.

Leading junior counsel and junior counsel - 2 Bedford Row

I have been present in Court when Mr Trott has presented evidence and been subjected to detailed cross examination. He has a calm unflustered style well suited to dealing with the adversarial nature of the judicial process. He is a robust witness, well able of looking after himself.

Senior Investigation Officer, HMRC

I worked with Michael Trott on a large scale cigarette smuggling case in 2010 involving a short detour in Holland. Mr Trott produced excellent maps pinpointing the location of the cigarette pick up point in Holland, which was confirmed independently by evidence that at that location several million contraband cigarettes had been seized subsequent to this trip. He also convinced the other side's expert that some of his findings were wrong. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Mark Mullins, Barrister-at-Law (5 St Andrew's Hill)