Forensic Tachograph Analysis
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Route Tracing

By analysing the tachograph chart recordings or data, we can provide a step-by-step trace of the route taken by a vehicle. This also allows us to identify the locations and times of stops made. By tracing the route taken by a vehicle (or multiple vehicles), it is possible to:

  • Identify any detours from a logical route
  • Determine the duration of important stops
  • Corroborate or negate a driver or drivers' version of events

Uses for tachograph route tracing include:

  • Investigation of routes travelled and locations of stops by vehicles involved with smuggling illicit goods or people
  • Confirming or refuting a driver's version of events after allegations of theft or hijack
  • Identifying where a stolen vehicle has been driven prior to it being abandoned
  • Investigating other allegations e.g. of rape or indecent assault

By bringing together all the information available from the tachograph, driver's account, documentation and other evidence, we are able to reconstruct a vehicle's previous journeys. We can present our findings in context, as a short report or more detailed Witness Statement, accompanied by an album of related images.

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