Forensic Tachograph Analysis
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TM Forensics Ltd is affiliated with other companies specialising in various forensic examination techniques:

Prometheus Logo Prometheus Forensic Services is an independent company specialising in matters relating to all types of fires and explosions caused by gas and flammable liquids. They can provide a comprehensive service from crime scene to court room. Prometheus scientists have over 50 years experience in the criminal justice system and have worked on many high profile and complex cases, including murders, and have given expert testimony in all types of courts.
SLR Logo Specialists in the interpretation of fingerprints and footwear marks in blood and crime scene examination, SLR Forensics Ltd can offer a bespoke service to examine items recovered from scenes of crime. Working in partnership with their customers, they can deliver the best possible interpretation to aid criminal and defence examinations.
Principal Toxicology Principal Forensic Toxicology and Drugs Consultancy offers consultancy work for a wide variety of cases from Road Traffic Act alcohol and drug/diving casework, through rapes, including so-called 'date-rape', murders and poisonings for Prosecution or Defence teams and also in civil cases. Mike Scott-Ham has more than 30 years experience in such casework, including many of a high-profile nature, and has attended courts on many 100s of occasions. He holds many professional memberships. Training is also offered to forensic professionals and other personnel involved in forensic cases such as police officers and medical practitioners.
Forensic Context Offers independent expert witness services, consultancy and training in biological forensic evidence - body fluids, DNA, fibres and hairs. It is led by Julie Allard & Kerri Allen who are acknowledged experts in their fields. They have wide experience of all case types with a specialism in sexual offences and the interpretation and evaluation of the evidence within the context of the case.