Forensic Tachograph Analysis
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Advice & Training

TM Forensics Ltd can advise on all aspects of submitting tachograph evidence; from what information surrounding the event would be beneficial for a successful investigation to the packaging of exhibits and submission.

If instructed, we will then keep you fully informed of our progress from examination to courtroom.

" For advice, please contact us by email, phone or via our contact form opposite. "

Tachograph evidence is not always analysed fully or correctly. This can lead to incorrect conclusions and unexpected consequences. We are able to evaluate previous findings and reports and identify alternative explanations. We would then write a report or statement detailing which points were contentious and why. We can give our comments initially by phone or email, before continuing our investigation, if required.

TM Forensics Ltd is able to offer bespoke training events, covering topics from tachograph function and their uses in investigations to the submission of useful evidence. Please contact us to discuss any such event.