Forensic Tachograph Analysis
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Case Studies
Case 1
Importation of heroin within concealment in a tanker:

Driver stopped at Killingholme Docks pulling tanker in which there was a coffin concealment containing Heroin. Tachograph route trace showed driver never went to Germany to collect load (as per paperwork) but made a detour in Belgium and Holland, before returning to the UK. Examined 13 previous trips many of which showed repeated detours to same locations. Evidence given.

Case 2
Importation of herbal and resinous substances in two holdalls within the cab unit of an HGV:

The vehicle stopped in an industrial estate near Rotterdam, in The Netherlands, where the driver claimed he took a short break whilst making small movements trying to get his tachograph clock to work. Analysis showed that the vehicle actually stopped for a much longer period of time and there was no evidence that the tachograph clock wasn't working correctly. Evidence given.

Case 3
Lorry stopped at UK port of entry with several million cigarettes:

Drivers claimed that they had collected a return load from Germany but route trace of tachograph charts showed stops in the Breda area of Holland with one in Industrial area to north of town and no evidence of having travelled to Germany. Evidence given. The results of this case were shared with HMRC's Dutch counterparts and, together with a linked Belgian investigation, the premises identified were subsequently entered and 28 million cigarettes were found.

Case 4
Importation of Cannabis within a lorry:

Digital tachograph route trace from Slovenia, via Italy to Belgium. Identified a large amount of missing driving en route to Calais Docks between motorway services north of Brussels and Ghent. The driving showed the vehicle to have been heading north of Brussels before the missing driving and therefore not on a logical route to Calais docks.

Case 5
Importation of large quantities of Cannabis from The Netherlands in two separate HGVs (cases were linked as the same trailer had been used):

Digital tachograph analysis showed that the first vehicle detoured into an industrial estate in The Netherlands on both its outward and return journeys. A second vehicle (same trailer) had also detoured into an industrial estate within a nearby town. Analysis refuted the second driver's claim that on this occasion had he stopped for a break at a petrol garage on the outskirts of town. Evidence given at joint trial.

Case 6
Importation of Heroin within an HGV:

Traced a series of journeys back and forth across the Netherlands, identifying legitimate and other stops (not mentioned in interview), including one where the tachograph clock had been changed, shortening the length of time spent there.